Monday, July 25, 2016 17:50

Double Dragon II (NES) Playthrough With Commentary

Detouring ever-so-slightly from the LJN track we’ve recently been on, this week I happily dust off one of my favorite beat’em-ups of all time — Double Dragon II: The Revenge for the NES.

Still one of the best ever.

21 Responses to “Double Dragon II (NES) Playthrough With Commentary”

  1. Freddyfan1428 says:

    Freakin’ awesome review and playthrough, Lord Kayoss! Thank you and keep up the amazing work! You rule!

  2. snake2006 says:

    You are wrong on there being no continues in the game.
    There are codes you do at the continue screen
    Level 2-3 – Up, Right, Down, Left, A, B
    Levels 4-6 – Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A, A
    Levels 7-9- press A, A, B, B, Down, Up, Right, Left (on controller 2)

  3. snake2006 says:

    Also the internet was around back then, I know because I was on it with my Commodore 64, they were all bulletin board systems, but still there. I used to go to places like Quantam Link and Compuserve among a few others and download Commodore 64 games and save them to disk of course (since the 64 didn’t have a hard drive).

    I wish people would stop saying the internet wasn’t there when it was,it wasn’t as big as today that is the difference.

  4. LORD KAYOSS says:

    Interesting. I never knew about that.

  5. msaman2110 says:

    I’m the only one here who thinks Return of Double Dragon is the best, don’t I? (NOT Super Double Dragon, that one was super poopie.)

  6. snake2006 says:

    Thought I would help.
    I remember these from a book I bought at a school fair (I don’t have the book anymore), it showed a bunch of Nintendo games and they had codes in the back of the book.
    I can’t remember the book and I lost it when I lent the book to a friend who moved away when I was a kid.

  7. snake2006 says:

    And I mean Game Over screen, don’t know why I wrote Continue screen. Sorry.

  8. HYPNOGLANCE87 says:

    ive always l;oved your playthrough kayoss the best commentator ever in youtube history will we see tmnt playthrough on the NES anytime soon?

  9. gluserty says:

    Excellent choice of a game for a playthrough; I feel this game here is one of the best two player co-ops going when it was originally released, and corrected the error of the “Double Dragon” home version not having a co-op mode.

  10. gluserty says:

    Yeah, Abobo looks like he had a hair transplant. Back in this game’s day the Hair Club for Men was popular, so it looks like ol’ Abobo had himself some of that action.

  11. Yahuveh Pay Day Ahead says:

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  12. JOEL FLSA says:

    This have to be the HARDEST DOUBLE DRAGON game I’ve ever played damn.

  13. Ray Tay says:

    Great editing skill bro..

  14. zitzblitz123 says:

    i still have this game and i love playing it

  15. Shouvak says:

    That hyper knee is executed when using the kick during a couch just like
    the upper cut. I am assuming you might be using a turbo controller. There
    is a four way wireless connectore which allowed my to execute that knee
    everytime. Double dragon neon is fantastic. It takes some grinding to get
    the power ups, but Ihand with my son and we play the crap out of it.

  16. uniroyalbarrie says:

    How come getting Mation gives lives but sometimes not?

  17. algol291 says:

    I just downloaded this for the 3DS. Took me a little bit to understand the
    controls. Now that I get it, the controls are very well done. The direction
    you attack the enemy determines what A and B buttons will do. Very cool!!
    Thanks for the tip Kayoss. That first jumping part at 12:00 is a bitch. Far
    as I’ve gotten so far, but never played this as a kid.

  18. 1stdrive says:

    This is a great walk through and It’s interesting how you have a totally
    different memory of this game to me. I grew up on the Amiga and Arcade
    version and when i saw this i didn’t even think it was Double Dragon to
    start with. This is more of a platform game than the original version which
    is just like Final fight and Streets of rage. This looks more like Double
    Mario dragon brothers.

  19. Robert Anderson says:

    The Shadow Boss looks like the Ultimate Warrior! Mostly just in the cinema
    scene right after you beat him.

  20. hydroglyphic says:

    Are you going to make anymore playthroughs?

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