Thursday, July 28, 2016 06:42

Site Update – Facebook comments enabled and Twitter feed added

Just added the functionality to post comments using your Facebook profile. For those who prefer to remain anonymous, you can continue to log into the site with your private ID, or if you’re REALLY paranoid, you can also leave a comment simply by entering in a name of some sort and a valid email address.

In far less important news, my Twitter feed has also been added to the sidebar.

Have a great day, people!

5 Responses to “Site Update – Facebook comments enabled and Twitter feed added”

  1. darkholm672 says:

    Nice additions. I like my log in here. Facebook kinda sucks, but I totally see why you’d add it.

  2. Dr. Giggles says:


  3. chaingang_wang says:

    some of your tweets crack me the hell up #followed

  4. jenafur_venus says:

    Love the site! Keep up the good work!

  5. mitch79 says:

    Far less important? My ass! Twitter rocks! Lol

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