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SURGE is Back!

December 9th, 2014

Surge is back!

It’s taken years, but the fans have finally convinced Coca-Cola to resurrect their famous citrus soda from the 90’s. Surge returned to the market, via Amazon, and is consistently the best seller in it’s category. Word on the street is it won’t be long before it returns to retail stores.

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Alien Isolation: Nostalgic Mission 9 Playthrough With Commentary

October 25th, 2014

Mission 9 in Alien Isolation takes us through as a team of explorers on LV-426 in search of the derelict spaceship that is emitting the distress signal that the crew of the Nostromo honed in on in the original Alien film from 1979. It is a total throwback to the old film and I couldn’t resist making a playthrough vid w/commentary. Hope you all enjoy!

A Special Message From John Kassir

October 9th, 2014

The voice of the legendary Crypt Keeper reminding you where your browser has brought you.

Thanks John!

Halloween eBay Sale!

October 1st, 2014

Looking for a kick ass Michael Myers mask? Ole LK’s gotcha covered! Several high quality pieces just went up on the ‘Bay. These badboys aren’t gonna last long! Get after’em!






SOLD!!!!MICHAEL MYERS MASK – NightOwl SHATNER Finished by Justin Mabry



Notre Dame Syracuse Fan Brawl Punch-Out/JR’d

September 30th, 2014

Little Mac and Jim Ross have something to say about the Notre Dame/Syracuse fan brawl.

LK Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

August 24th, 2014

I was happily ignoring all the Ice Bucket rage until my nephew called me out. Time to man up.

Flashback Weekend 2014 Freddy Krueger and Lance Henriksen

August 11th, 2014

The return of the original Freddy Krueger headlined Flashback Weekend 2014 in Chicago, IL. Horror fans came out in droves to pay respect to an icon of horror cinema which included a rare photo-op.

When I first heard this event was happening I knew I wanted to be there. I had recently ended my convention hiatus for Days of the Dead in Indianapolis back in June to meet Amelia Kinkade (I’m still glowing, btw). Only real question hovering above my decision was would I plop down nearly $400 and drive to the Windy City from Louisville, KY for a photo. After kicking it around for a couple weeks I bought the photo-op package and booked a room. I mean c’mon, this was more than just a picture. It was a chance to stand next to and interact with a legend. Robert Englund in full Freddy makeup? It would literally be like standing next to him on the set of A Nightmare On Elm Street. Nothing with that kind of novelty carries a cheap price tag, and I knew if I passed on it I’d end up regretting it. Not to mention Robert Englund isn’t getting any younger. Despite the clever marketing on Flashback’s behalf, the “for the last time” hook prompted some concern only because Robert is nearing his 70’s. Realistically, this probably isn’t going to happen too many more times. So, I was all-in.
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Eric Bischoff WWE Debut: Original Broadcast with Back In Black

July 25th, 2014

Here it is! The real thing!

Recently I was showing my wife some of wrestling’s greatest moments and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find the original Eric Bischoff debut segment that aired on WWE Raw back in July 2002 where he walked out to AC/DC’s Back In Black in one of the most shocking and memorable moments in wrestling history. Whew, talk about impossible. I never knew this clip was so rare.

I found a few uploads across YouTube and DailyMotion, but all were the post-prod version of the segment where AC/DC was replaced with the in-house “I’m Back” song. Was a funny theme and good for Eric’s character once he got rolling in his run at WWE, but the company piping it in over the original audio not only killed the special feeling Back In Black created for the moment, but most of the overdub versions also muted the commentary of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler which totally drains away the emotion and the genuine novelty we all felt when we first saw it. features a flashback video where the commentary can still be heard, but again, without Back In Black, it just isn’t the same.

I went into my VHS wrestling vault and found that I still had the recording of the original broadcast. Not sure why YouTube vehemently blocks the video just because of the AC/DC song, but as with the Ricky Harris situation, I have no such qualms about hosting a harmless segment from over 10 years ago. Anyone offended can kind of like, deal with it I guess.


Ricky Harris Does Shabba Ranks – Def Comedy Jam

July 7th, 2014

*Language Warning

Ricky Harris and his infamous Shabba Ranks bit from the old school Def Comedy Jam.

I’ve had a few people message me over the last few months asking what happened to this video, as it used to be available on my YouTube channel. Long story short, it got blocked worldwide due to a copyright claim by Codeblack Films (Lionsgate). Truthfully, I didn’t fully understand their gripe. Not sure if they were trying to assert that Def Comedy Jam somehow infringes on Shaquille O’Neal’s All Star Comedy Jam, or if my video of Russell Simmons’ comedy show was somehow mistaken for his. But, whatever the claim, it was total bullshit in my opinion. My video was quietly streaming on YouTube, not monetized, not harming a soul. It was simply delighting fans of the old show in giving them an enjoyable piece of nostalgia. I personally don’t see the harm in that or how anyone anywhere loses anything because of it. To my knowledge, this episode is not available on any home release or any OnDemand web service. Fans have been looking for it for years. I lucked up and found it last year on an old VHS tape while cleaning out the storage unit of my late father who was also a big fan of the show.

After YouTube removed it I kind of just let it go and moved on. But, after getting several messages about it over the course of time from people who are disappointed it got taken down I developed a bit of a chip on my shoulder. If Codeblack (or whoever) wants to complain to YouTube and get a video blocked, more power to them. That’s their choice, and apparently, their privilege. But, this ain’t YouTube. I’m the bossman here, and I say ROLL TAPE!


LK eBay Blowout Sale Part II

June 19th, 2014

It’s that time again!

My living space has become cluttered with random objects that need to go. Just like a couple years ago, I’m in the process of throwing a bunch of stuff on eBay. No real goal in mind as with the fundraiser from 2012. This is strictly some late Spring Cleaning. Current list at posting date is not the end of the lineup. There will be more added in the coming days/weeks. Totally random stuff. No particular theme. But, who knows? You might just find something you’re interested in.

Any questions, shoot’em my way!

Happy buying!

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