Saturday, December 20, 2014 08:38

About Me

“A man who works with his hands is a laborer
One who works with his hands and his mind is a craftsman
One who works with his hands, his mind, and his heart is an artist.”

- St. Thomas Aquinas

Welcome to;

The official home of myself and R.I.P. Productions.

I write, direct, and produce films. It is undoubtedly a passion of mine that keeps me going. I’m not James Cameron. I’m not Ed Wood (though a huge fan of both). I’m just an everyday, slightly eccentric guy who likes to write and make videos.

A self-study student of filmmaking, I am often inspired by random things that catch my eye and move me to create art through words and cinema. I have numerous original films on my youtube channel in addition to a previously weekly vlog which began streaming in 2009 titled the Lord Kayoss Shoot of the Week which has spawned over 60 episodes.

When I’m not writing/shooting/producing I live a quiet life blessed with a wonderful, loving wife. As the cliche goes, she completes me. Together, we have endured multiple challenges, trials, and tribulations. Such obstacles have only strengthened our bond. Our unity is pure and stronger than solid steel.

I enjoy cooking and fine dining. Such have both been on display in several Shoot episodes. I often find myself striving to concoct a culinary masterpiece.

Miscellaneous interests include old school video games, classic horror films, 80’s horror, select sports (college basketball, football, & boxing), random drives, peaceful walks in cool autumn weather, fitness, meditation, mentoring, cognitive therapy, and reading.