About Me

“A man who works with his hands is a laborer
One who works with his hands and his mind is a craftsman
One who works with his hands, his mind, and his heart is an artist.”

– St. Thomas Aquinas

Welcome to lordkayoss.com.

Artist? Well, I’m not sure honestly. I don’t exactly carry around a brush and palette, but I’m often inspired by random things that catch my eye that move me to create what I feel is art through words and cinema. In short; I’m just an everyday, slightly eccentric guy who likes to write and make videos. I need the creative process to stay invigorated and lively.

A self-study student of filmmaking, I have numerous original videos on my youtube channel ranging from horror cosplay, video game playthroughs, various reviews, commentaries, and cooking shows.

Miscellaneous interests include old school video games, classic horror films, 80’s horror, select sports (college basketball, football, & boxing), cooking, fine dining, random drives, peaceful walks in cool autumn weather, fitness, meditation, mentoring, cognitive therapy, and reading.

If you’ve been entertained by even one of my videos or written commentaries, that is the best gratification I’ll ever receive. Thank you for visiting.