SURGE is Back!

Surge is back!

It’s taken years, but the fans have finally convinced Coca-Cola to resurrect their famous citrus soda from the 90’s. Surge returned to the market, via Amazon, and is consistently the best seller in it’s category. Word on the street is it won’t be long before it returns to retail stores.

I remember 1996 well. I was 16 and working at Little Caesar’s when Surge was first introduced. Caesar’s sold Coca-Cola products back then, and we were among the first to receive the launch shipments of the brand new drink. Admittedly, I was never too high on Mountain Dew so my intrigue for a new citrus soda was relatively low. But, when I tried Surge for the first time, I remember my taste buds doing this scintillating thing and my eyes opening up. “Whoa, that’s pretty good” I said. Didn’t take long for me to adopt the new soda as my own. It quickly became my go-to drink for pretty much everything. Lunch, dinner, snacks, watching TV, playing video games, whatevs. Heck, there were even times where I sipped on Jack Daniel’s and chased it with Surge (just before my shift). Nothin’ like fumblin’ stumblin’ around a 600 degree oven makin’ crazy bread with the taste of citrus bourbon on your palette. Did I mention I was 16 back then? Oops!

The taste was fabulous. For me, it was everything Mt Dew should’ve been. I don’t know about the rest of you, but to me, Pepsi has always tasted like watered-down Coke. I find the exact same contrast between the two companies’ citrus drinks. Mt Dew tastes like Surge after its been sitting in a glass of ice for too long. Bleh. I would happily jump a dozen cases of Dew to get to one can of the Mean Green. Regrettably though, the overall mainstream obviously didn’t feel the same way. Surge was discontinued in 2001 and was long gone for 13 years before being resurrected in September 2014.

After a long day of trafficking truth and conquering corruption, ol’ LK feeds the rush with an ice cold Surge!

Talk about nostalgia overload. I bought five cases when it first came back and when the taste hit my tongue again after so long I downed the whole can in three big drinks. Yum! Obviously I’m 34 now and can’t swig soda the way I used to. But, I’ve definitely gotten my fix. I’m very happy to have the drink back and hope it sticks around this time. The fans have cleaned Amazon out every time they’ve restocked it and made it the #1 seller in it’s category multiple times. Reportedly, Coca-Cola has gotten the message and scuttlebutt is they are preparing to reintroduce Surge back to the retail market in early 2015. Here’s hopin’!

To order Surge, click this link and head over to Amazon. Just beware the scalpers! When Amazon’s stock sells out, the secondary sellers take over and jack up the price to profit from our nostalgia. Don’t fall victim! Simply check Amazon periodically as well as follow the Surge Movement on Facebook (the group most responsible for the drink’s return) for updates.

Stay thirsty, my friends…



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