Friday, July 29, 2016 12:04

Little Mac vs. Mike Tyson 2013

Little Mac vs. Mike Tyson on Fight Night Champion.

Got a little curious one night as to how The Dream Fight from the old school Punch Out might play out on a modern day boxing game. The results were amusing to me.

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  1. xxdizannyxx says:

    all mike tyson can do in that game is upper cut every time? fuckin ghey

  2. Papa Gargamel says:

    No, Fight Night Champion has his complete style and all his real life punches. This video is following the routine of the Punch Out fight with Tyson, where he throws nothing but uppercuts for 1 min 30 seconds of round 1, then throws lighter punches the rest of the round. It’s a total throwback to the old game, sound and style-wise, just with the pretty graphics of FNC. That’s what I took from it anyway.

  3. Your Favorite Canadian Youtuber, Eh! says:

    Why didn’t Mac even try to fight and why didn’t Tyson just hit below the

  4. zitzblitz123 says:

    great video

  5. LatisARG says:

    Mac looks like Chavez Jr

  6. TheR3DSniper says:

    Punch-Out!!: Fight Night Edition

  7. cowfish13 says:

    Little Mac’s way too tall…does that have to do something with the weight

  8. shane belmont says:


  9. Fiercehart Films says:

    The game has the perfect hair for the way Mac currently looks. Glad to see
    I wasn’t the only one who did this haha, ‘cept I made Mac 5’7”

  10. Fiercehart Films says:

    Very good editing by the way, I enjoyed the old school feel, like with Mike
    and his damn uppercuts haha

  11. XxxxxGuataxxxxX says:

    Sorry my sweg overwhelmed you.~Little Mac this video

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