Tuesday, July 26, 2016 17:57

Jaws (NES) Playthrough With Commentary

The LJN playthroughs continue with Jaws for the NES. Another game from the notorious dev that caused many a frustration amongst avid gamers of that day. As with The Karate Kid and Friday the 13th, I take you through with live commentary and point out how easy this game is to beat. After this quick run-through you’ll be wearing Jaws’ teeth around your neck as you’re hanging his skin on your favorite meat hook.

23 Responses to “Jaws (NES) Playthrough With Commentary”

  1. LORD KAYOSS says:

    Jaws NES Playthrough With Commentary by @lordkayoss

  2. kamivideos343 says:

    Could you do nightmare on elm street? You probably get that requested a lot.

  3. Freddyfan1428 says:

    Awesome playthrough, Lord Kayoss! Keep up the awesome work, and you should totally have Freddy and Jason back for cameos again. Your reactions are priceless when you encounter those two.

  4. HYPNOGLANCE87 says:

    I think the only LJN left is nightmare on elm street. btw I love LJN games as well just how bad there games are lol XD

  5. mercury71822 says:

    Whoa sorry man. The baby shark in Jaws 3 does not survive. It dies after being put into a freshwater tank towards the end of the movie.

  6. Yahuveh Pay Day Ahead says:

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  7. uncertaintimes411 says:

    Thanks for the video. Loved it. Another game I loved to play as a kid.

  8. Ray Tay says:

    Got any robocop reviews??

  9. Ray Tay says:

    Played this a lot, if u swim up all the way to the top you can avoid being
    hit by jaws sr, doesn’t work for jr tho

  10. Ray Tay says:


  11. zitzblitz123 says:

    dude you make awesome videos

  12. Henry Spencer says:

    Friday the 13th and Jaws videos are both awesome! Do A Nightmare on Elm
    Street please!

  13. JakeR0d31 says:

    Very Cool commentary also liked the Friday the 13th one as well. To answer
    your question the black balls are suppose to be depth chargers. As for
    Jaws Jr. the baby shark in JAWS 3-D dies of suffocation before they blow up
    mom. Ironically if ya read the novelizations Jaws 2 was a female shark
    that gave birth to several offspring and ONE of the offspring actually
    survives and swims away from Amity area and in the novelization of Jaws the
    Revenge the same offspring that survived returns to pick up the damage his
    parents left off on.

  14. casey norwood says:

    isnt there a nightmare on elm street nes

  15. casey norwood says:

    isnt there a nightmare on elm street nes

  16. Pat McRotch says:

    The original JAWS film is one of the best movies ever made and that is a
    To this very day, the movie Jaws makes people think twice about going out
    into the ocean. If that’s not a powerful film then I don’t know what is.
    Jaws is among my favorite horror films along with Predator, The Thing,
    Tremors, etc.

  17. rdchili69 says:

    The NES games based on movies were some of my favorite games. This is no
    exception. LJN games were my childhood.

  18. rdchili69 says:

    Battletoads is more difficult than Back to the Future, yet is beloved. I
    find the more difficult games to be better.

  19. BuccaneerBruce says:

    Terrible movie.. but the video game was fun. Great video.

  20. invanillasky says:

    Great playthrough. You even showed what happens when the mini sub gets hit.
    Very complete

  21. Fender XT says:

    That is one wierd game, but kind of ok. Like the ending to!

  22. a181570s says:

    Love these videos

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