Thursday, July 28, 2016 18:17

The Karate Kid (NES) Playthrough With Commentary

This game is seriously easy. Never understood why so many people claim it’s super hard. In my video I’ll show you why you shouldn’t have a hard time getting through Daniel-San’s 8-bit Okinawa adventure.

12 Responses to “The Karate Kid (NES) Playthrough With Commentary”

  1. LORD KAYOSS says:

    The Karate Kid NES – Playthrough With Commentary

  2. nightofthelivingjohn says:

    i actually thought this was one of the better ljn games back in the day. the only thing i didn’t like was that the game was incredibly short

  3. KT Johnson says:

    I LOVE this game. This game and T2 are probably considered some of LJN’s best titles they put out there.

    Btw, LJN is/was a publisher. In some of their games, they generally disclose the developer during the NES days.

  4. myerstobe says:

    this game always drove me nuts especially during the wind level
    but it’s good to see someone flow through it
    thumbs up

  5. XXShawnRiderXX says:

    will you do a Friday the 13th that is my fav LJN game on the NES

  6. HYPNOGLANCE87 says:

    he’s already done it the good news is he offered Jason an ice cold beer

  7. Ray Tay says:

    I never could beat this game

  8. Rebornthrudoom says:

    You are one of the only dudes that I enjoy your ramblings brother – don’t
    even worry about it. =)

  9. Mark Botelho says:

    One question,my crane kicks are used more than I would like early on. What
    am I doing to activate them? Thanks

  10. Mark Botelho says:

    You mentioned you’re also into the atari. My 2 favorites are 2600 ad NES.
    You are a very good and patient gamer. I’d love to see you also do some
    atari titles. Thanks again.

  11. RICARDO .A CABRERA says:

    Dude not rambling, you’re doing commentary!! Awesome!!

  12. RICARDO .A CABRERA says:

    How about a Dark Man Playtrough!??

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