Monday, July 25, 2016 22:00

How to Make AWESOME Sausage Rotini

Cooking With LK is back with another how-to segment. This time we dive into my AWESOME Sausage Rotini recipe. Hope you enjoy!

12 Responses to “How to Make AWESOME Sausage Rotini”

  1. LORD KAYOSS says:

    How to Make AWESOME Sausage Rotini. Getcha skillet on with the newest
    edition of Cooking With LK!

  2. warlock8330 says:

    Another great video. This one is going on my to-do list as well.

  3. XXShawnRiderXX says:

    LK if you had a cooking show I would watch live if I could and DVR it for later if I was busy. I love when I see a new video of you cooking. I hope to see more keep it up.

  4. imactheatre says:

    Good job, bro!

  5. gomlyoustupidnoobb says:

    Man this is good

  6. zitzblitz123 says:

    good job you should make more

  7. Marcus Frazier says:

    Man, you have such an EPIC voice.
    I really enjoy your cooking lessons – you should display more!

  8. SSRezza SAB says:

    Oh man…no recipe list….

  9. SSRezza SAB says:

    Oh man…no recipe list….

  10. Danica Gutierrez says:

    that looks amazing

  11. Reevan Raja says:

    Yummy,I love rotini.Great job.

  12. CivSi02 says:

    You should really consider radio broadcasting. Clear, crisp, and deep
    voice. Keep it up! Where are you from originally?

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