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Honoring a Relic

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Ran into a working Mortal Kombat II coin-op machine earlier tonight. Easily my favorite of the generation-one series. I can hardly believe it’s already been 18 years since this kick-ass game was released. Where does the time go???

LK’s Restaurant Review –

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Review of the best pizza parlor in Louisville, KY.

Compact Fridge Meets Sledge Hammer
(Site Revisited)

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Remember the Compact Fridge Meets Sledge Hammer video? We recently revisited the site for a few minutes and reflected back on that explosive release.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year.

May your 2011 be full of love, happiness, success, and inner peace.

If you don’t have a New Year’s resolution, don’t sweat it. I don’t. I just always focus on being the best person I can be and living life to the fullest. The pursuit of happiness is worth every single step you take. And what better time to get started than right at the beginning of a brand new year.

Have a great one, everyone!